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When it comes to interior remodeling projects, New York City provides its own unique sets of challenges, like maximizing limited space, complying with rental or coop regulations, just to name a few. That makes hiring an experienced and professional contractor with years of successful practice in NYC all the more important.

Communication and trust are essential right from the start. Most home remodeling projects, particularly kitchen and bathroom renovation require careful planning. It will save you lots of time and money, but most importantly, it will help you avoid the stress normally associated with such a cumbersome undertaking. Choose a person who answers your questions in decisive and confident manner that confirms their experience and knowledge, but is not afraid to admit when they need to gather more information for a particular uncommon issue which confirms their honesty. Ask about their previous experiences in NYC, and, if possible, go onto their web-site and check out the photos of completed projects to see the quality of the work.

Now to the heart of the matter: knowing how much to pay for your contractor’s expertise. As with any other labor-intensive projects, you really are getting what you pay forh. Remember that while an offer of free estimate is a common practice, receiving an unusually low bid is not a good sign. Don’t make a common mistake of being seduced by a low price alone: receiving a figure considerably lower than comparable professionals may simply indicate contractor's inexperience, and it may (and more often than not it will) lead to future attempts to prevent a loss by cutting corners or, worse, abandoning the project. While not common in NYC, there are cases of "newbie" contractors “running off” the projects altogether, which can mean costly do-overs and a two-fold investment of time and energy on behalf of the customer.

Having invested considerable amount of time and money, and considering that in most cases they are working with their most dear possessions – their home, customers would agree that they would prefer a quality of work that comes from contractor's experience and their commitment to doing a good job. It is easier to expect that from a well-paid professional than a newbie contractor who will end up losing money on the job.

Home remodeling projects can be stressful, but it can also be a satisfying experience if you are willing to trust your home to a professional who takes pride and satisfaction in a job well done.

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